C u r i o s i t y

Kris Vockler wants to live in a world where people are kind, children's toys pick themselves up, words flow like fountains, and the perfect landscape photo wasn't taken at 5 am.

As a Photographer, she's been honored on Photographers For Good Vol. III,  2014 PX3, and Monochrome Awards.

When she’s not making pixels submit to her will, you can find her CEOing (it’s a word) a fantastic manufacturing company, hanging out with her amazing six-year-old-going-on-forty son, and shamelessly reading any zombie novel.

Her latest photography/writing project — Photographer’s Soul — is live now, so go read it.

Discover more about her work at KrisVockler.com


Vancouver, Washington

All images on this site are copyright Kris Vockler

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